Good Works

Anti-Falwell Demonstration

February 12, 2014 SisterAdmin 0

Songs and Chants For Use On The Anti-Falwell Demonstration – October 24th, 1982        C  H  A  N  T  S         (EACH CHANT SHOULD BE REPEATED 7 TIMES) #1.- HEY! HEY! HO!HO!        BIBLE BIGOTS HAVE TO GO ! ! !   […]


Chapter Disbanding Announcement

February 6, 2014 SisterAdmin 0

Below is the text of the advert placed by the last Living Rules of the Toronto Irder announcing their decision to cease operations. The ad refers to a plebiscite; a request for feedback from our […]


1984 Missive

May 3, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

In 1984 the Toronto Order issued a missive that summarized the Principles of Perpetual Indulgence and addressed the two questions most often asked (other than questions of a more intimate nature) of a Sister; “who […]

Novice's Path

Applicants’ Tea

April 26, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

From time to time the Sisters invited selected applicants to a private Tea. It was an opportunity for the applicants and Living Rules to socialize and discuss in more detail what Sisterhood means. Here we […]

Good Works

Songbook Tea

April 25, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

The Sisters would appear at various community events as part of their mission to spread joy and celebrate the sexual nature of the human beast. Sing-alongs are a great way to involve everyone; all the […]


Sisters’ Handbook

April 25, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

Attached is a pdf file of the Handbook that applicants received at their interrogation initial Tea with Living Rules. The file shows a scan of the first page, followed by a transcription of the entire […]