Roll Call

July 4, 2016 SisterAdmin 0

The Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence was founded by 8 Sisters: Appassionata della Bawdy House, Opiate of the Masses, Robbed at Birth, Florida Naranja, Intelligentsia, Exposia, Rosa Relentless, Hair Apparent. Additional Sisters who became ‘fully […]


Chapter Disbanding Announcement

February 6, 2014 SisterAdmin 0

Below is the text of the advert placed by the last Living Rules of the Toronto Irder announcing their decision to cease operations. The ad refers to a plebiscite; a request for feedback from our […]



June 18, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

Glossary from the Sisters’ Handbook, circa 1983 Antiphonal response     In liturgy, the reply given by the faithful to a prayer offered by an officiating religious. ‘Bobby Sands’ incident     Historically, a difficult and traumatic […]



May 31, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

The nuns in virtually all the houses & missions in the USA, Germany and France use whiteface. In fact the Australian and British orders are the only ones that, to my knowledge, have a majority […]


1984 Missive

May 3, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

In 1984 the Toronto Order issued a missive that summarized the Principles of Perpetual Indulgence and addressed the two questions most often asked (other than questions of a more intimate nature) of a Sister; “who […]


Sisters’ Handbook

April 25, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

Attached is a pdf file of the Handbook that applicants received at their interrogation initial Tea with Living Rules. The file shows a scan of the first page, followed by a transcription of the entire […]