Bad Habits

September 14, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

Coming soon: Sister Admin has not seen the movie; it is our understanding that at least one formerly-active Toronto nun did meet with the producers – in addition to the current members of the Vancouver […]

Novice's Path

The Noviciate Now and Then

July 28, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

Current members of the various orders of Perpetual Indulgence, as well as friends and potential members, may have noticed that the structure of the Toronto House, and the process of attaining Sisterhood, appeared much less […]



June 18, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

Glossary from the Sisters’ Handbook, circa 1983 Antiphonal response     In liturgy, the reply given by the faithful to a prayer offered by an officiating religious. ‘Bobby Sands’ incident     Historically, a difficult and traumatic […]



May 31, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

The nuns in virtually all the houses & missions in the USA, Germany and France use whiteface. In fact the Australian and British orders are the only ones that, to my knowledge, have a majority […]

Good Works

Solstice Lyrics

May 27, 2011 SisterAdmin 2

Lyrics from The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Toronto House) Winter Solstice Skating Party – Sunday, December 18, 1983 (Most sung to traditional tunes) We Wish You A Joyous Solstice We wish you a joyous solstice, […]


1984 Missive

May 3, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

In 1984 the Toronto Order issued a missive that summarized the Principles of Perpetual Indulgence and addressed the two questions most often asked (other than questions of a more intimate nature) of a Sister; “who […]

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Stigmatic Guilt

May 1, 2011 SisterAdmin 1

One of the primary similarities of all houses within the realm of “orders of Perpetual Indulgence” are vows to “promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt while serving our community“. Although much of the ritual […]

Novice's Path

Application Form

April 26, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

Here, for the first time in public, is the Application Form to be considered as a novice with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Toronto Order). The following two images show only the top and middle […]

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Indulgent Raincheck

April 26, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

The Sisters promoted practising safer sex (practising sex of all sorts, truth be told) and personal responsibility. In addition to publishing their Cum Clean pamphlet (to be posted here in the near future), the Sisters […]

Novice's Path

Applicants’ Tea

April 26, 2011 SisterAdmin 0

From time to time the Sisters invited selected applicants to a private Tea. It was an opportunity for the applicants and Living Rules to socialize and discuss in more detail what Sisterhood means. Here we […]