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(1981 - 1986)

The Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence was founded by Sisters Appassionata della Bawdy House, Opiate of the Masses, Robbed at Birth, Florida Naranja, Intelligentsia, Exposia, Rosa Relentless and Hair Apparent, with their first Public Manifestation at the 1981 Toronto Pride event.


After that first manifestation Sister Mary Media, a member of the San Francisco Mother House and a Toronto native visited and, in the words of Founding Sister Soami DeLuxe (ne Sister Missionary Position) “brought word back to the mother house you were A OK,” and so the Toronto House became the Third House OPI (after the Mother House and the Sydney Australia House).

The last active Sisters (Atrociata von Tasteless, Celestial Gates, Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit, Sadie Masochism and Sleazia) declared the Chapter inactive as of October, 1986. In between those dates the Sisters were active in a number of Good Works; this site will commemorate as many as possible.


In the ‘Links’ Section you will find the web-site of the San Francisco ‘Mother House’. Although each House or Chapter is an independent organization, San Francisco is recognized as the first manifestation of Perpetual Indulgence (and is the registered owner of the trademark in the USA).

Standing (from left to right): Nurse Sisters Celestial Gates, Sleazia, Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit,
Atrociata von Tasteless
. Being inspected: Sister Sadie Masochism. The cover image of the Toronto chapter’s “Cum Clean” – an informative 1980’s pamphlet addressing STD’s in the Gay Community.


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A Novice’s Path

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The Good Works

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The News

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